It is in the workshop that took a place in OLYMPIC Hotel on January 26, 2022 from 09:00AM-13:00PM. The main objective was to produce recommendations for mitigation of impact of future crises on persons with short stature in Kayonza Gasabo and Kicukiro districts from the position paper done in May 2021 on the livelihood of person with short stature from the above districts,

On the behalf of RULP, BUNUBWIMANA M Appoline started by welcoming and thanking everyone who attended “I thank you all for coming on time and I would like to welcome you in this workshop, let it be in a friendly manner, everyone is allowed to share ideas in order to take serious recommendations for mitigation of impact of future crises on person with short stature in Rwanda including this COVID-19 we are fighting to day”. BUNTUBWIMANA said.

BAGWENEZA Bernard, a consultant who prepared the position paper, said that there is a need of mechanism on the issue of People with Short Stature.

“To sustain and protect their living standards and sexual reproductive health related issues, the Government of Rwanda should adopt appropriate measures to support People with Short Stature, who are at higher risk of being affected by COVID-19. People with Short Stature and their families need targeted support around their income or loss of employment or business. The Government of Rwanda should ensure benefits are accessible to Persons with Short Stature, in some cases providing direct support for the relaunch of their companies/ businesses”.

TUYISHIMIRE Honorine, RULP Executive Director added that there are more issues that Person with Short Stature are facing that should be addressed by the Government and partners.

“The Government and other stakeholders should fully render accessible handwashing stations to reach persons with short Stature to wash their hands with clean water and soap and benefit public services. Measures to control the spread of the virus should be adapted for people and contexts where ongoing support is needed for those with short Stature to live safely and independently. People with short Stature and RULP should be included in planning, implementation, and monitoring of national COVID-19 responses. These responses should be informed by high-quality disaggregated data, which should be made available to policymakers and humanitarian responders”. She said

Participants discussing on the issues that Persons with Short Stature are facing

She added that the Government of Rwanda and stakeholders should train specialized doctors especially Gynaecologists, midwife, paediatricians and orthopaedic surgeon to help person with short stature especially women and ease the way to reach them in terms of money as a big number of persons with short stature are in needs of that services but they are poor. We recommend the Government that RULP should work hand by hand with Gynaecologists’ and paediatricians’ associations for the better life of women and children with short stature. We recommend the Government to train nurses, midwife and gynaecologists on how to help women with short stature during giving birth including changing the mindset because women with short stature are always giving birth by caesareans, they never had any chance do give birth by themselves as others and this sometimes cause deaths.

DUSABERUREMA Dieu Donne, MINISANTE and RBC representative, he was the guest of honour in this workshop, said that they are doing as much as possible to include people with disability in all their services. ie: we are providing inclusive services.

“Moreover, on an issue of women with short stature who is giving birth, any mid-wide has basic knowledge to help any women in any place except when there is another specific issue. The only problem we are still dealing with, is the mindset or critical thinking to person with disability including women with short stature. But good news is that after RNBC revising all of these issues that people with disability face in health care services, we are having a program of training all Gynaecologists and mid-wife disability system. In addition, we have a five years project that will help everyone to understand what is disability and how to help and include people with disability in our everyday activities or services”. DUSABERUREMA added.

DUSABERUREMA Dieudonne, MINISANTE and RBC representative in this workshop

In this workshop to produce recommendations for mitigation of impact of future crises on persons with short stature in Kayonza, Gasabo and Kicukiro districts and sexual reproductive health, the expected participants were MINISANTE, RBC, Rwanda housing Authority, Director of Health and sanitation Officer from three districts, NCPD at national level, Hospital’s representatives, RULP staff and board representatives.

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