Empowering People with Short Stature in Rwanda

RULP advocates for equal rights, opportunities, and dignified lives for people with Short Stature.

about us

Breaking Barriers, Building Futures

Rwanda Union of Little People (RULP) was established as a civil society organization in August, 2015 after more discussion with its members on challenges encountered in their daily life. There is very low education level and extreme poverty among little people in Rwanda; this is further exacerbated by prevailing social stigma and cultural attitudes. RULP advocates on behalf of its members for equal rights for people with Short Stature.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable people with Short Stature to live independently and actively participate in society through skills development, capacity building, and social integration.

Making a Difference Since 2015

Through persistent advocacy, education, and empowerment programs, we’ve seen tangible improvements in the lives of our members and in society’s perception of people with Short Stature.

The numbers below reflect just a fraction of our impact, representing years of dedicated effort and the collective voice of our community.


Registered Members


Directly supported

1,000,000 +

Awareness reach

4 Areas of Intervention

Social economic empowerment

Access to quality education

Access to health services

Organizational Development

Your support can make a difference in the lives of people with Short Stature in Rwanda.


Our Address


Gasabo District, Kimironko sector,

KG99 ST13



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